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james2025a 09-28-19 01:16 PM

Fire 8 HB Problem
So i just bought one of these this morning as a ebook/comic book reader. I set it up, but when I go to the Amazon App store it is showing nothing when I search for apps. Also shows nothing for my installed apps, even though it comes preinstalled with a number of them.

Its connected to wifi as I have browsed on Silk, but cannot download or even view apps.

I am wondering if the device might be seeing my location as somewhere else, or something that I am missing. I read a couple of things and someone mentioned that I force stop the app store and clear cache. I could force stop, but no option to clear the cache.

I also did a hard reset which did nothing. Tempted to try doing a factory clean and restart.

Anyone have any ideas as I am probably gonna take it back if I have no luck in the next 48 hours.

IDrinkMolson 09-28-19 08:38 PM

Re: Fire 8 HB Problem
Might be an authentication issue. Does your device show under your Amazon account?

Here's a couple of other things (I found) to try, not sure if it will fix it:
try going to Settings>Apps, select the Amazon Appstore app, and Clear Cache/Clear Data

Hold down the power button for about 20 seconds until it does a "hard" reset, not just a sleep mode or even a normal power off. Wait a minute and power it back on, which will take a bit longer than normal, but should clear up most software crash problems and funky behavior. (This is not a "factory reset" so no data is lost.)

james2025a 09-30-19 10:06 AM

Re: Fire 8 HB Problem
I ended up doing a factory reset on it and it worked. No data added in, so nothing lost. It was weird out of the box acting like that. Still it was on sale this weekend for $40, so worth it for that price.

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