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dvd-4-life 03-31-19 08:50 AM

MP3 recording/playback order different?
Years ago when I ripped MP3's they played back the same as the order they were recorded.

However with my newer computer that's not the case.

What needs too be done so both record and playback order are the same for Windows Media Player?

jpcamb 04-01-19 08:01 AM

Re: MP3 recording/playback order different?
could it be as simple as sort order in the file folder? Do the tracks have the appropriate order listed on the track order and are you playing on a computer or iPod etc? My wife's ford explorer is really weird and seems to organize a folder by track names alphabetically so we use the shuffle feature to avoid the issue. Also what are you using to rip the CDs to Mp3?

dvd-4-life 04-01-19 09:24 AM

Re: MP3 recording/playback order different?
I think it might be by alphabetical order by group(that's what is happening with mine,at least).

Can't see in the media player where too correct this problem(unless it's a playback only problem).

Using Windows Media Player to rip the CDs.

dhmac 04-01-19 12:15 PM

Re: MP3 recording/playback order different?
Anytime I want mp3 files in a certain arrangement, I use a free program called MP3Tag ( https://www.mp3tag.de/en/ ) to change any of the tags within the files.

Norm de Plume 04-02-19 08:47 PM

Re: MP3 recording/playback order different?
A program I recommend to resolve this problem is Bulk Rename Utility.

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