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VHS? 03-22-19 12:18 AM

FB Messenger app and Pixel 2 issue
Rather than repeat what I've already asked in the Pixel community, here is my link with an image. Maybe someone here can help out?
Image does not show clearly the FB Messenger's BLUE popup, but it's there behind the larger WHITE popup.

IDrinkMolson 03-22-19 11:10 AM

Re: FB Messenger app and Pixel 2 issue
It sounds to me like a notification switch has been changed. I found this for turning it on:
"Long press the app icon and select app info. Then tap Notifications, select the one for chats, and change the behavior to pop up on screen"
Not positive, but there is something about "chat bubbles" notification.

I would check your notifications settings for either the app, or general phone notifications.

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