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Norton antivirus on Mac?

Old 08-06-16, 03:15 AM
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Norton antivirus on Mac?

So the wife just ordered a MacBook Air through her company website and it shooed with Nortons antivirus. I have never known to put these programs on a Mac. I don't have one on my iMac. Is this a need? Don't they load more crap than they remove?
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Old 08-06-16, 03:48 AM
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Re: Norton antivirus on Mac?

From what I know, you don't really need security software on a Mac. OS is sandboxed to the point that it isn't really necessary. Since there are fewer Mac users than Windows users, and the Mac OS is more secure, it's not targeted like Windows is.

In theory, you could pick up malware and viruses, but it's a pretty low risk.
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Re: Norton antivirus on Mac?

Having posted all that, I wouldn't wish Norton on anyone. There are free alternatives out there...
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Old 08-10-16, 01:29 PM
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Re: Norton antivirus on Mac?

I would not use Norton if I was paid and I surely would not put it on either on my Macs
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Old 08-14-16, 02:33 PM
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Re: Norton antivirus on Mac?

As kd5 has pointed out, Macs can get malware, and there's been a noted increase in both cross-platform and Mac-specific malware. The days where people could safely run a Mac without anti-malware are at an end.

I've installed both Avast! and Sophos on Macs. They're pretty unobtrusive. At the least, they can capture infected files even if it's Windows-specific malware. So even if the Mac can't get infected from it, it does help prevent you from passing on an infected file to a Windows user.

And as everyone else has stated, Norton is terrible. Maybe the Mac version is better, but I doubt it.

As an aside Mac isn't really "more secure," and was never truly invulnerable. Current versions of Windows have a lot of malware protections built-in, including even free Anti-malware. When Mac boasted of being "virus free" in ads, it was largely security through obscurity; malware writers simply didn't target Mac because Windows was a much bigger target (far more users). Ironically, Mac becoming more popular due to the iPhone and such made it an attractive platform to target, necessitating AV programs for it.
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