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harpoonipa 03-23-16 12:32 PM

My chrome browser seems to have be hijacked by a search engine called searchtudo. Anyone else ever seem this and know a legit way to get rid of it?

RichC2 03-23-16 12:50 PM

Re: searchtudo

Definitely do Steps 1 and 2 (ADWCleaner and MalwareBytes), I dunno what Hitman Pro is.

Jay G. 03-23-16 01:57 PM

Re: searchtudo

Originally Posted by RichC2 (Post 12757965)
Definitely do Steps 1 and 2 (ADWCleaner and MalwareBytes), I dunno what Hitman Pro is.

Hitman Pro is a fairly well known anitmalware that's been around for a while. There really isn't a free version of it, only a 30-day trial version, so I tend not to recommend it as it's possible someone's already used their "trial" on a particular PC.

SuperAntispyware is another tool you can use if you want to "double check" that MalwareBytes has removed it.

Also, make sure you have a real-time "antivirus" or anti-malware utility running. Either a free 3rd party one like Avast!, or the built-in Windows Defender in Windows 8 or above. If you have an "expired" pay antivirus, uninstall it and use a free one.

zekeburger1979 03-27-16 11:11 PM

Re: searchtudo
Check to make sure that the target field in the properties box for Chrome isn't messed up. Right click on the Chrome icon and click on properties. Make sure that the Target field has C:\Users\Your_Name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe

If there is anything after the .exe, highlight it and delete it.

Check your Extensions too. Click on the three lines in the upper right hand corner and click on Settings. Click on Extensions on the left side and look through your extensions. If you see any that don't look right, delete it. I've seen crappy extensions whose name was a string of letters and numbers or a easy to spell word(s) that were all lowercase and misspelled.

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