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Red Hood 12-05-15 11:06 PM

iTunes music transfer between computers help
I need help to transfer my music and movie files to my new Mac and its iTunes. Let me start by saying that my music and movies are in an external hard drive. All the movies are digital downloads that I've gotten before Ultraviolet, Disney Anywhere and other streaming services became the norm. All these movies are basically the ones I downloaded using codes that came with the blu-rays I purchased. I used to be able to access all these music and movie files on the iTunes I had on a Lenovo laptop I own. The hard drive from that laptop died, thus I can't access anything in it including iTunes.

My question is:

- How can I transfer all these files to my Mac? Basically, how can my Mac access all these files that are on my external hard drive? My understanding is that the iTunes in my Mac may refuse to play all these movies because of the overprotective DRM these digital copies have.

Why does iTunes suck so much? Really, nothing is easy with them at all.

Any help is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

Baron Of Hell 12-05-15 11:34 PM

Re: iTunes music transfer between computers help
If you just add the files to itunes I would think they should play ok. Itunes knows you bought the movies and music so the DRM shouldn't be a problem. If I understand correctly the DRM just prevents you from using another player or itunes under another account.

I could be wrong but you could try adding one file and if that works add them all.

TheBang 12-06-15 09:44 AM

Re: iTunes music transfer between computers help
Just drag and drop the whole folder to your iTunes, and all the media will be imported into your iTunes library on your Mac. You can also use the File > Add to Library... menu.

Alternatively, you can simply go to the iTunes Store, and click the "Purchased" link on the home page. This will give you the option to re-download all your purchased media (including the Digital Copy redemptions) that is not currently in your iTunes Library on your Mac.

Regarding the DRM, you simply have to authorize this Mac for your iTunes account, and it will be able to play all the files on your external drive. It's probably already authorized, but if not, it will prompt you the first time you try to play a DRM protected file, or you can do it yourself by going to the Store > Authorize this Computer... menu.

joeblow69 12-06-15 11:00 AM

Re: iTunes music transfer between computers help
So, the mac has some kind of transfer wizard that you can run, that will transfer all your documents and files from one mac (or pc, I think) to the new mac. It's called Migration Assistant, and it is in the applications/utilities folder. Might be worth looking into...

Red Hood 12-06-15 01:22 PM

Re: iTunes music transfer between computers help
Thanks to everyone for the help. It was much easier than I expected following the suggestions you guys presented.

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