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Question on Iphone with shattered screen

Old 02-17-13, 12:00 PM
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Question on Iphone with shattered screen

We have an 32gb Iphone 3 with a shattered screen. My wifes contract is up in April and she wants to wait and just upgrade to the 5 at that time. I am wondering if we wouldnt be better off to pay the $99 replacment as we would probably be able to sell the phone afterwards it appears for at least $150 or so.

As it is I would say the phone isnt going to be worth much. Also does anyone know if you can pay an upgrade fee for the 3 to the 5 at the apple store?

Thanks for any help, the Apple store doesnt answer their phone.
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Re: Question on Iphone with shattered screen

Is an iPhone 3 with a shattered screen really worth $150? That doesn't sound right at all.

As for the rest of what you're asking, I have no idea what you're asking. If she waits until April to upgrade, it's not like your AT&T will take the iPhone 3 back at that point. So she'd still be able to sell it then -- but I doubt for $150. Are you asking about paying the $99 replacement fee now? Or in April?
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Old 02-17-13, 02:43 PM
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Re: Question on Iphone with shattered screen

Yeah,'s offer for a 32 GB iPhone 3 is $18. That's pretty old technology at this point.
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Old 02-17-13, 03:00 PM
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Re: Question on Iphone with shattered screen

iPhone 3? No such thing. Do you have an iPhone 3G or an iPhone 3GS?
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Re: Question on Iphone with shattered screen

maybe meant iphone, 3rd gen (or 3GS)? It is also my understanding that the iPhone 3G did not have the option for the 32GB, only the 3GS.

kinda like, officially, according to Apple, there is no such thing as an iPad 3 (which is called either 3rd gen, or "the new iPad") or no such thing as the iPad 4 (which is called either 4th gen or iPad with Retina Display).

anyway, to answer the question, assuming that it is indeed the 3gs 32gb, and in mint condition, then $150 is certainly possible. though, if you are on at&t, and your contract ends in April, assuming it was a 2 year contract, at&t, i believe allows you to upgrade at the 20 month mark (or sometimes earlier). you can check with at&t. then just sell the broken screen iphone, you can probably still swing $50+ for it.

Also, who is your insurance through? Att i believe has a $200 deductible, square trade and apple care + a $50 deductible

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Re: Question on Iphone with shattered screen

Find a geek friend. I know of people who will replace an iPhone screen for $10 + cost of parts. Don't ask me who though - that won't help you unless you want to send me your instrument (in Japan).
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Re: Question on Iphone with shattered screen

Call or go by an AT&T store and see if they will do your upgrade early. Often depending on a number of factors they will.
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