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itunes + 2 computers confusion

Old 02-11-13, 11:28 AM
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itunes + 2 computers confusion

Thinking of getting ipod. The 160GB classic

Computers: 9 year old desktop, Windows XP, @20GB free HD space. Laptop, Windows 7, @750GB free HD space

The desktop has had itunes installed for several years. Have purchased @100 songs, everything burned to disc. I'd like to continue being able to burn purchased songs with the desktop.
To rip about 1500 cd collection into library will need to use laptop for the hard drive space.

The primary computer is used to sync ipod?
Can you purchase from both computers or just the primary?
When you rip a cd or purchase a song it shows up in library on both comjputers? But is only in the itunes folder of the computer used to rip or purchase?
You cannot burn a playlist unless the songs are in the itunes folder of the computer you are burning with?
I want to install itunes on the laptop, rip all the cds, and get them on the ipod.
The desktop has all the burner drives and video/software and I want to continue being able to burn future purchased songs with the desktop.
Just confused about how everything matches up between the two computers and what the restrictions are.
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Old 02-11-13, 11:35 AM
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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

More reasons to dislike iTunes...

You can sync with both computers but I recommend only doing it with one.

You can also purchase from both computers as your purchases (iTunes and others) are primarily stored in 'the cloud.'

If you rip a cd it will probably only show up in the library of the computer upon which you rip it but if you rip everything and share them in a shared folder on your laptop and then give iTunes access to that folder on both computers the songs should show up in both iTunes libraries. iTunes purchases should show up on both computers (depending on your settings in iTunes).

You could also use Apple's cloud storage thing but I haven't done that because my music library is rather large (really large). I think they give you 5 GB (?).
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Old 02-11-13, 01:04 PM
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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

No offense, but this all seems very 2002. Out of curiosity, what are you burning stuff for?

Do away with iTunes and go to cloud-based solutions like Google Music. Get an iPod Touch.

Even better if you already have a smartphone, forget about purchasing music and get a Spotify or Rdio subscription. Managing files, ripping, syncing etc, that stuff is for the birds.
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Old 02-13-13, 07:53 AM
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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

Make sure you uncheck Sync Automatically in ITunes on both computers or everything you do on one computer will be erased when you connect to the second computer.
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Old 02-14-13, 06:18 AM
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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

Thanks for the replies. What I didn't understand was how the libraries could be different from each on differrent computers given it was the same account. Kind of like ordering something from Amazon and only having it show up in the order history of the computer you placed the order on.
Also, how the song files in itunes folder related to the library in itunes. If what you did on one computer also happened to the other, how you could have a 160GB itunes library on a computer with only 20GB hard drive.
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Old 02-14-13, 08:47 AM
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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

What do you mean by same account? Your cloud account?

When you rip a CD to your laptop, it's only on your laptop. If you store it in your cloud account then both computers can access it but the songs physically are only on the laptop.

If you have a wireless router you can access the music folder on one computer from the other computer but the album is still physically only on the laptop.
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Old 02-14-13, 01:02 PM
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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

Exactly. You need to understand the difference between the files that may be stored on one computer and the iTunes account that may be associated with that same computer. Any purchases you make using the iTunes account will be stored in the cloud, and can be accessed from any currently-supported iDevice. However, without an additional cloud service songs ripped from a CD will only exist on the computer where they were ripped, and devices that are directly synced to that computer. If you add iTunes Match to your account, then any songs you rip from CD will also be added to your account info (for as long as you keep iTunes Match active), and those songs will also be accessible from any iDevice.

The alternative, as already mentioned, would be to go with Google Music, since it also stores your music in the cloud, and gives you up to 20,000 songs free. Then, using either the gMusic or GoMusic app on iOS, you can stream or download any of those songs, just as you would through iTunes. Personally, I use gMusic, since it was the first Google Music app in the app store, and it works quite well. I buy songs and rip CDs using iTunes, and then let the Google Music Manager keep track of uploading them into the cloud. I don't even have to think about it any more. If I rip a new CD to my HD, within a few minutes I can see it in the album list in gMusic on my iPhone/iPad.

The biggest issue for you is going to be ripping 1500 full CDs to your computer, and then uploading them to the cloud. That is going to take a fair amount of time to complete.

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Re: itunes + 2 computers confusion

Buy bigger drive for the desktop and use that. I have a massive library (500+ GB) and would only want it on a desktop.
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