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Bluetooth and Outdoor Use

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Bluetooth and Outdoor Use

I have an iPhone 4S and a Motorola S9 Bluetooth headset. Indoors they are fine and I can even leave my phone in one room and move through the house without losing signal as long as I don't get too far away.

The problem comes when I get outside which is my primary use for this headset. I use it when I am out doing field work for my job and when I am out riding my mountain bike. If I keep the phone in my pocket, it will lose connection from time to time. When I am riding my bike I had to basically hang the phone as high on my backpack as I could get it, even keeping it in the small pocket of the backpack was too far away from the headset when in open spaces.

Is there a way to focus the bluetooth signal from the phone so it doesn't get lost out in the open? I've tried different orientations of the phone in my pocket and it doesn't seem to make a difference. I know I can get an arm band, but I didn't really want to do that, I would much prefer to keep it in my pocket.

TIA for any info!
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Re: Bluetooth and Outdoor Use

I no longer use BT stereo headphones for this very reason. At my every day gym it worked great. I'd often leave my phone in a small gym bag near me while I did cardio or in under a bench while I did weights.

But then I went to gym that was basically a converted warehouse. Meaning few walls and very high ceiling. The signal was always dropping out. Then I started running outside some and again, just never worked well. Strapping to my arm helped. But would still, on occasion loose the single.

So I switched to wired headphones and now that I have a good set, a good system and a good armband, I don't miss the wireless at all.

And not a sales pitch, but here is my regular (everyday) set up,

iPhone 4
Tune band for iPhone
Yurbud Ironman headphones (best sport headphones I have ever tried)

Yurbud now makes a model with a built in waterproof mic. You need the waterproof as I tried using the Apple headphone with the yurbud attachments, but my sweat would effect the mic and pause or do weird things with the phone.

And for when it rains or I'm worried about the phone being strapped to my arm, I use one of these. It is not waterproof, but is sweet proof,
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Re: Bluetooth and Outdoor Use

I don't think it's so much the "focus" of the Bluetooth signal as the realities of having to deal with interference.

Bluetooth uses the 2.4Ghz frequency, which is the same frequency as many wifi signals, some cordless phones, remote-control toys, and even Microwaves. Your house walls are going to block a lot of these (try going to a window and seeing how many more wifi signals your laptop can pick up).
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