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All-In-One, Bluetooth phone, Music, etc...

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All-In-One, Bluetooth phone, Music, etc...

In my previous situation I had a Moto Droid that I connected to a bluetooth speakerphone (BlueAnt S4) in the car. I also had an iPod that I connected via the AUX port in the car for music.

Now I have an iPhone 4s and in playing around with it, I'm finding some issues.

I can have the iPhone paired with my BT, and playing music through the AUX port. When a call comes in (or I activate the voice functions of the phone through the BT) then the music mutes and all the voice features go through the BT. Great! Now what I would expect would be for the music playback to automatically start when a call ends, and to revert back to the AUX port. However, it does not auto-start at the end of a call, and when I simply press play on the iPhone it starts playback through the BT not the AUX port!

So what is the solution? The best solution would be to replace the stereo system in the car with one that supports both a direct iPod/Phone connection via a dock cable AND bluetooth pairing with the phone... There is a Pioneer model that looks promising, but I don't particularly want to fork out $350 plus installation fees after just buying the iPhone.

I haven't seen any settings in the iPhone that deal with where audio goes depending on what connections there are, and what the audio is. Something as simple as "phone calls default to BT when available" and "music defaults to headphone when available" doesn't seem like that difficult a task. Also I am surprised that there isn't a "resume music playback on end of call" setting somewhere. Of course these things may exist, but I don't see them.

One thing I thought of, if I have one of the extender cables that has the iPod controls built into it that plugs in through the headphone jack, and used that to "resume music playback" after a call, do you think it would default back to the AUX port or would it stay set to the BT until I change the setting manually? I used to have one of these, but it broke, so I can't test it.

In the end, I'll just deal with it. At least the music auto-mutes when a call comes in now. I used to have to unplug the iPod every time a call came in on my Droid... then plug it back in and hit play, so this seems like it's about the same in terms of effort and distraction, if not a little easier since I don't have to plug the cable back in.

Thanks for any feedback!

One other question that I haven't found an answer to. If I get a navigation app for the iPhone that supports sending the voice to a bluetooth device, can I be running both the navigation using that AND the music through the AUX cable at the same time? Thanks.

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