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Microsoft Outlook question

Old 08-24-11, 10:37 PM
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Microsoft Outlook question

Hope I'll be able to explain my question correctly ...

At work we use Outlook for our calendars. If I want to set a meeting and 'invite' other members, I can enter their names and search to see if they have conflicting appointments.

For SOME people when I hover over an appointment box I can see what the actual appointment is ... "Lunch with Tom Baker", "Meeting to discuss Jetson project" etc.

For others I see nothing. No context box pops up and all I can see is that there is an undefined project scheduled for Thursday from 1 - 2 that might cause the person to be unavailable.

The problem is when I go to someone else's computer and us their account to try to add myself to a meeting, I can see all my stuff! So I am one of the ones that others can see their appointments.

I've asked our IT people about it and they shrug their shoulders and say "hunh!" No help at all.

I have searched online and found stuff about setting permissions and all mine are set to "none" which should make it private, but it obviously isn't.

Now obviously, I am not scheduling appointments with the title "Appointment with Dr. Franks to have genital warts removed", but I still prefer not to have all my notes displayed to everyone else.

My temp workaround is to mark my personal calendar notes as "private" and then all they see is that I have a private appointment scheduled, but sometimes I forget. What is different about some accounts that causes the details to be visible to others? IT says they set everyone up the same way.
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Old 08-24-11, 10:53 PM
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Re: Microsoft Outlook question

It may have something to do with Exchange permissions, but I'm not sure.

Sorry about the genital warts.
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Old 08-25-11, 01:45 AM
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Re: Microsoft Outlook question

Originally Posted by X View Post
It may have something to do with Exchange permissions, but I'm not sure.
But is that something that is set locally for each computer or globally by IT? I am wondering why some users are set to share this info but others aren't? (The vast majority do not show this information, only a few). Maybe there is an Outlook administrator in the ranks that has familiarity with the problem?

Originally Posted by X View Post
Sorry about the genital warts.

I'm coping!

But Dr. Franks will fix that up as long as I remember my appointment.
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Re: Microsoft Outlook question

I use Outlook 11.8217.8221 SP3.

When I set appointments in my Calendar there's an option in the bottom right-hand corner to make them private.

Certainly when organising meetings you can opt to make them private in the same way and methinks the option will be there for meetings you've accepted, too.

Later versions and set-ups of Outlook, of course, may vary.
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