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dugnarug 01-19-11 08:10 PM

Considering the i7-2600k any opinions?
What's the opinion on the i7-2600k vs i7-950? I'm looking to build a new desktop and it seems like I should go with the newer stuff but I'm just curious if anyone has tried out the new chips. It's just a big investment and I would like some opinions from more knowledgeable people. If you could suggest some builds that would help out too.

fumanstan 01-19-11 08:16 PM

Re: Considering the i7-2600k any opinions?
I don't think there's any reason to buy the older i7's, especially given the new ones are faster in every aspect, and can overclock like crazy. Plus a new socket, in case upgrading the CPU is ever a possibility.

dugnarug 01-19-11 08:35 PM

Re: Considering the i7-2600k any opinions?
yeah that's kind of what I have been thinking. What about the i5-2500k?

is it safe to say the i5-2500k compares more to the i7-950 where the i7-2600k compares closer to the higher end older i7s?

D.Pham5GLTE (>60GB) 01-20-11 10:54 AM

Re: Considering the i7-2600k any opinions?
imo, it isn't worth it to get a 1366 at this time, unless you already have a 1366 board. the 950 is a high end mainstream i7. anything higher is $600-$1000ish, not really at mainstream prices.

In some benchmarks, the 2500k will beat out the $1000 flagship 1st gen i7-980x. in most cases, the 2500k performs within 10-15% of the 2600k. you can review the benchmarks below for your specific needs, or other benchmarks on the web.


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