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Help with my 800 Mhz Thunderbird

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Just recently, my computer has been acting very weird. This is after it was running for about three months just fine. First of all, when I restart my computer, the motherboard doesnt' detect any of my HD, but it is a know fact that the IDE controller may do that as was stated on the Asus website. This didn't happen before. Also, the computer freezes sometimes right before it checks the memory and then when you restart it sends you to the bios and says that the CPU was hanging. Another thing, once the motherboard lists the devices on my computer and their associated IRQs, the floppy drive light goes on and stays on forever until you manually turn off the computer. This happened a few days back and I have been getting lucky where it will boot still boot into Windows and allow me to do stuff but crashes every once in a while, and the missing HD when the bios is checking still occurs unlike before. Then all of the sudden today, it does this all again and won't let me boot into Windows again. At one point it would show the Windows logo and then go to registry checker and then find an error and force me to restart and then do this again, and again. I went to Asus's website and downloaded the newest drivers for my IDE controller card and BIOS update for my motherboard but I have no idea how to install then after download. The drivers for the IDE controller are just a bunch of .vxd and .dll files and nothing for a setup file and the BIOS update is a .awd file which happens to open imaging and then you get an error. Please help.

My system:
AMD Thunderbird 800 MHz
Promise ATA100 IDE controller card
13 G Maxtor HD
20 G Western Digital HD
Diamond Stealth III S540 PCI video card
10X Acer DVD drive
8X/4X/32X Panasonic CD/RW

If you need any other info please ask. I will check this frequently hoping to solve this problem.

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Did you did anything to your system that might have caused these problems to start? Did you flash a BIOS, add any memory or drives, or otherwise make any changes to your hardware or open the case for any reason?

It sounds like you're not even making it past the POST (Power On Self Test) sometimes so it's unlikely the problem is a bad device driver or some other software problem.

One of the things you could do is to pull your memory, clean the contacts, and reseat them. That one's sort of a long-shot, though it couldn't hurt.

Also make sure the fan on your CPU heatsink is working and that there aren't any ribbon cables blocking proper airflow to the CPU.

Maybe you could try resetting your motherboard BIOS. There's usually a jumper for it. Theexact procedure should be detailed in the motherboard manual. You may even want to try re-flashing the BIOS.

Cheap power supplies tend to degrade in their ability to supply clean current over time. Is your power supply a standard cheapo one that came with your ATX case? Did you make sure that your power supply is on AMD's list of certified power supplies for Athlon processors?

Other than that, the most likely devices in your system to fail are the drives. I'd start unplugging them one at a time.

Those are just some thoughts off the top of my head. Good luck.
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