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damn_skippy 01-30-01 01:25 AM

When I press control D to bookmark a page. Most of the time I get the internet explorer logo in my favorites file. Other times I get the web page logo.

What does it show up as in your favorites file?

Do you know how to make it a custom logo?

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RandyC 01-30-01 01:27 AM

Good question Damn_Skippy, let us ask the Right_Forum!

Bushdog 01-30-01 01:27 AM


damn_skippy 01-30-01 01:28 AM

Damn http://talk.dvdtalk.com/ubb/wink.gif

X 01-30-01 01:45 AM

Move this to Other where it belongs!

TheyCallHimJim 01-30-01 07:01 AM



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