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More info required to follow up on yesterday

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I've been trying again and found out that I can't change my FBS to 100 cause the pc won't boot up. I can change the clock speed higher at a 66 FBS but that's not very useful. Does that mean my ram can't go at 100 at all? even if I go with a lower clock speed I'll get that nothing at all.

Also, no one ever actually answered my question to if there is a way to check what speed the ram is. 4KRG gave me the seek time approximate answer, but it would mean both my dimms are 66 as they both say -10 when i'm pretty sure one of them at least was pc100.
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If your Dimms read -10 then they are PC66, no if ands or buts.

What I was saying before was that SOME -10 rated chips will actually run at -8 (or close enough to not matter) these are the ones that can run at PC100 but it is a total crap shoot as to what will and what won't. If you want pc100 then you must purchase -8.

-10 = pc66
-8 = pc100

same thing, different way to read it.

One other point I must make when overclocking, the ram is not hte only thing that will stop you. Your processor and any installed cards may not like the new FSB speed either. You never know....

I actually still run a BX chipset motherboard (best chipset ever built if you ask me) I can overclock it to PC133 if I want to, but I choose not to. I either run it at 105 or 109 (my motherboard was designed to overclock so it has these odd bus speeds) I get a boost in performance, without much risk.

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Oh, sorry for doubting you. I'm pretty sure that I was supposed to have bought a pc100 for my last dimm, pretty shitty deal since I bought it from a friend (who I don't buy from anymore since he has **** prices and I don't trust what he sells).

So that would probably explain the fsb not running then since i'm not actually overclocking, I was underclocking it to check it if would work. I'm running an Abit BF6 board which does support both 66 and 100 clock speeds. Overclocking isn't my goal in this, getting my bus to 100 is the goal so I'll either run it at 450 or 500 which either way should work just fine.
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