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Deep_lurk 02-18-10 01:38 PM

Changing DPI in a PDF?
I have some PDFs (mixed text and images) that were created from scans that were OCRed. The pages, though, are labeled by the PDF file as being 72 DPI when they are really 300 DPI. Which means that the "page" is thought to be more than 4x higher and wider than it actually should be. Which causes no problem when reading the document on a computer. And it causes no problems when reading the document "full page" on an ebook reader. However, when you try to "reflow" to enlarge the font on an ebook reader, it thinks it is much larger print than it really should be and makes the enlarged font far too large.

Is there any way to modify a PDF file to make it report the pages of the document to be 300 DPI instead of 72 DPI? Not change the actual size/dimensions of the page itself, just recognize that the DPI is higher?

D.Pham5GLTE (>60GB) 02-18-10 04:03 PM

Re: Changing DPI in a PDF?
can you reprint it it using the pdf printer and specify dpi?

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