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Computer Upgrade questions

Old 01-20-01, 07:13 PM
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right now im running a
350 mhz P2..
128 meg Ram.
8 gig WD harddrive,
sound blaster 128? PCI
Asus P2-F motherboard -- AGP Support it says on box
some cheap ATI graphics Card
cheap 32x CD-ROM
Iomega 12x 4x 32x CD-RW

i need to upgrade let me tell you what i want to do and what you think i need to get..
1. I want to run faster in the post 800mhz range even possible 1 Ghz.
2. Id like to do digital video with a digital video camera and i want to be able to record it to CD.
3.I want a high quality stero system possibly a Sound Blaster Platnum 5.1? with 30 bucks off at it doesnt look like a bad deal... i think the live drive looks pretty nifty...

What do you think i need to udgrade to and what is required for me to do digital video. with Ram so dirt cheap i though id get a 256 stick and stick it in their... I need your help. Please help if you can.
thanks in advance

i saw tr2mental's post
but it left still many unanswered questions..

i want to get a deal cause im low on doh....

------------------ hey U'all!
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Old 01-20-01, 08:17 PM
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First, check to see how high the multiplier goes on the motherbaord. Next, check to see if the Pentuim III is supported by the board. If it is an older board the motherboard may need to be replaced. Any thing past 1 ghz will require a new motherboard anyway.

Digital video recording and editing can be done on the current system you are using. it is going to run slow though.

If high quality sound is needed hook up the sound card to a surround sound receiver.
Any of the sound blaster line of cards are considered high quality.

A graphics card that has video in and out and has video editing is any of ATI's all-in wonder-cards.

If a really fast system is needed, prepare to go down a few pay checks.

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Old 01-20-01, 08:59 PM
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"Support Intel Pentium® II 233~450MHz, Pentium® III 450MHz~600+MHz, and CeleronTM 500MHz or faster processors."

does that mean i could slap a 850mhz p3 chip in their and it would work fine?

my video card only has a port to go out tot the monitor... don't i need extra hardware to get firewire in their?????

my sound card is a sound Blaster PCI 128
anyone had any experieneces with the live drive?
i think it looks pretty cool and easier to get audio into the system....
when i say digital video i mean taking video for m the camcorder editing it on the pc and either spitting it out on a CD or back onto a blank digital video tape.

I dont want anything outragous but i would like a relativly fast and economical.
ive had my current computer for almost two years.

i feel i can install all the hardware nessasry to run it.....

------------------ hey U'all!
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Old 01-21-01, 11:49 PM
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If you put it that way, take the easy way out. PIII and another 128 stick of RAM. That should get you by.

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Old 01-23-01, 09:00 PM
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Originally posted by Tyler:
does that mean i could slap a 850mhz p3 chip in their and it would work fine?

Well, judging from the jumper settings on the web site, it looks like it has an 8x multiplier, which would max you out at an 800mhz at 100mhz FSB (though I suppose you could give it a shot and get a 133mhz P3 and overclock the BX chipset on the motherboard - though I have heard mixed results - also you will need to get PC133 memory for this). Also, taking a look at the BIOS, it does look like it will do the Coppermine CPU's so you SHOULD be set...
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Old 01-23-01, 11:15 PM
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I would not recommend a PIII with a factory setting for a 100mhz front side bus to be used with pc133 RAM. I had to under clock a PIII 800mhz to 600mhz to get the pc133 RAM to work correctly on my friends system. Stick with what your system is made to handle.

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Old 01-24-01, 01:32 AM
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About definitely want to step up to one of the Sound Blaster Live cards. The card you've currently got is older technology and not as versatile.

I've got one with the "Live Drive," which is a very handy panel that fits into a drive bay. Lots of ways to plug devices in. Automatically cuts off speakers if you plug in headphones. Well worth the additional bucks.

Jeff Haas

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Other than the memory being defective or not really compatible with the motherboard there is no reason to underclock a 100 fsb system to get it to work with pc133 memory. I would first make sure the settings are 1:1 or auto and not 3:4. The 3:4 setting will run the fsb at 100 while running the memory at 133. If the memory is not good pc133 memory they sometimes fail at 133 depending upon cas settings for example. I would buy quality memory from places like mushkin or crucial not the generic pc133 memory. I know you can get good generic memory but you never know and the above companies stand behind the memory.
I would go for the p3 800e using pc133 memory as the price difference is small.
You might also want to go with a faster hard drive assuming the motherboard supports at least udma33. If so you will notice the speed difference from your old drive. Add some memory if you want to although the speed difference will be larger with the faster cpu and hard drive than another 128 MB of ram. Get a better graphics card if you play the games to make it worth it.
I would keep the rest. I do not think the sound card upgrade is worth it unless the card you have is not a 4 speaker card and you have 4 speakers that you want to use. Otherwise the sound from the sb 128 is fine. The other upgrades are more important. If money is not a concern then do the sound card also. Remember you can upgrade the sound later
The digital video is something I am not sure of , but I bet someone can help you alot on that
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