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TJ22 01-20-01 02:53 AM

I just got a new athlon socket a processor which didnot come with a heatsink or fan. But the question is amd k6-2 had a metal cover this athlon has pins on one side and you can see the actual components on the other side. Is this right or is this cpu wrong? Also what is a good heatsink/fan combo? I have a golden orb on my amd k6-2.

Halo9 01-20-01 03:13 AM

Yeah, thats what the Athlon is suppose to look like. Pins on the bottom, the stuff on top. www.Buy.com has a few photos in their computer component section.

www.HardOCP.com has some reviews of heatsinks+fans. It's a good thing you didn't get a bundled AMD fan. The one I got (for a Duron 700) moves at 7500 RPM and is very noisy. Make sure you use a socket A heatsink. The Athlons and Durons seem to be fragile.

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