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TJ22 01-19-01 03:03 PM

I have a DVD drive in my pc which I would like to hook up to my receiver. I am aware of 5.1 sound cards. But do i need a special dvd drive ie does the drive have to have dd5.1? I have my old toshiba 1102 dvd drive. Also what are some low priced decent dd5.1 sound cards?

Real Boba Fett 01-19-01 05:47 PM

Toshiba rocks! Go with a SB Live (not a 5.1) that has a digital output (now all the SB Live have one, even my SB Live Value that costs about $40).

Then plug your receiver from the digital output of your SB Live, that's it (Your reciever must have a DD 5.1 decoder).

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