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KillerQ 11-08-09 12:45 PM

AOL mail on Blackberry - server sync issues...
Hey all,

I have been on this topic over on some BlackBerry forums, and noone seems to know the anwer....

I have my AOL mail pushed to my BB - however, whenever I read the email on my BB, it instantly disappears from my inbox on my aol.com account. I want to be able to keep a copy on the aol server, so if I read it on my BB, it's still sitting in my actual AOL.com mailbox.

I have been doing some research, and on the AOL mail help page (here), i read the following:

Note: IMAP and POP3 are the major standards for reading e-mail. IMAP allows you to read your e-mail directly from the remote e-mail server and the e-mail will remain accessible on the e-mail server even if you use a different computer to access it later. POP3 requires you to download your e-mail to your computer before you can read it and the e-mail is deleted from the e-mail server as soon as it is downloaded, so the only copy of your e-mail is on the one computer used to read it. Due to security issues, e-mail programs that only use the POP3 protocol are unable to connect to the AOL/AIM Mail servers.

It seems that my mail is acting in a Pop3 fashion - which i don't want. Others have claimed that their's acts in an IMAP fashion. I used the BB email setup wizard on my device to add the aol account.

I just did another test. I sent an email to my aol account. It showed up in my AOL.com inbox (and aol desktop software) as well as my BB. As soon as I read the email on my BB, the mail disappeared from the inbox on my aol.com account and aol desktop software.

I also just did another test....when the new email came to my BB, I selected "Delete from Handheld only" (WITHOUT reading it first). It deleted from my BB and stayed on my aol.com account inbox.

So, it seems that a copy is definitely not staying on the server, and that my BB controls the other inbox - so that would lead me to think that it is acting like a POP3 setup....

The mystery continues.... This is real frustrating because the ONLY way I can keep email on my account is to keep it as new on the blackberry (and I don't want to constantly have new message/unread message icons on my phone).

Any thoughts?

Thanks again,



Nifty03 11-08-09 04:04 PM

Re: AOL mail on Blackberry - server sync issues...
"I guess start by making sure it is set up a IMAP" was my first though but it looks like that is really the only way to set it up. The only other helpful advice I found was:

Why are my e-mails getting deleted after configuring my e-mail application?

If your e-mails are getting deleted after configuring your e-mail application, please re-configure your e-mail application and ensure that the box for leaving messages on the server is checked.

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