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Decipher 12-14-00 10:56 PM

This is a 4 month old problem. I have kareoke dvds and vcds. I wanna get rid of the voice and just keep the beats..so its sort of an intrumental. Ive tried looking for programs to extract the sounds but couldnt find one. I figured another way to do it. Maybe if i just record the whole song and save it as a wav i can find a really good wav editor that will get rid of the voice for me..no luck their either. Couldnt find a wav editor that will do the trick. Maybe its impossible to do it? Is it? Anyone please help to get this problem out of my hair. All suggestions (even dumb ones) are welcomed. help me out...


YNG68BLD 12-15-00 01:19 AM

Most Karaoke dvds or vcds come with two tracks. One with voice and the other with only music for singing along. Try using the audio function to pick between track one and two to see if it makes any different.

Decipher 12-15-00 12:06 PM

Any software suggestions?

YNG68BLD 12-15-00 07:45 PM

jet audio.

Luddy 12-15-00 08:24 PM

Seems hard. I'm using Sound Forge 4.5 with some DirectX plugins. You could EQ to cut out (dull) the mid/highs, voice, sibilants etc. Use Graphic Dynamics to isolate the vocals. Use that as a Noise Print in Noise Reduction Plug to cut out the vocals from the original recording. You could also try and tweak the voice with RBC Voice Tweaker.

You could also try Noise Gate which pulls out the strong beats. “When recording a sound, there is often an audible noise floor during silent breaks. Noise is generated by many different things, including electrical equipment, machinery, and traffic outside your window. When your sound source is much louder than this background noise, it is simple to remove the noise during silent breaks, where the noise is most noticeable, with a noise gate.”

Try mixing and matching these effects/plugins for the desired effect.

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Decipher 12-18-00 11:54 AM

thanks...i goin to try everything

thai 12-19-00 12:51 AM

powerdvd player has this capability.

Shark 12-19-00 06:50 PM


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