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What can you tell me about buying new memory?

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What can you tell me about buying new memory?

Old 12-19-00, 01:59 AM
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A little background ... in Jan 97, I picked up Dell's top of the line system, a PPro 200, 64 MB Ram, Matrox Millenium 4mb, 12x CD, etc, etc (Dimension XPS Pro200n MT to be exact) ... back then, I could have built a system without so much as a flinch. Now, after four years of not caring about the hardware in my computer as long as it turned on, I've forgotten more than I care to admit.

Even back then, however, there was one area i always sucked at ... memory. Sheeit, I'm usually the kinda guy who goes back to the OEM to get RAM ... but no way in hell am i going to pay DELL $200 to put another 64MB in a 4 year old system ...

DELL lists the following three 32MB simms:
Fast Page Mode

If you look closely, you'll see that the top two SIMMs require that they be installed in pairs, while the bottom sells in single units. Can anyone explain this to me? (If i remember correctly, i'm pretty sure i picked up the EDO w/ECC variety. I'm too lazy to open my case after putting in a CDR the other day, but since there are no 64MB sticks for sale, i'm pretty sure i'll find a pair of 32s )

Can i mix these three flavors? What's going to happen to my system if I've got the ECC variety and i throw in one of the other types? Does the ECC allow for only 1 simm at a time or are they just on crack?

And now on to the 'non_DELL' vendors ...

Crucial.com has a memory selector like many of the larger memory websites. My specific system is here. As you see, they have the EDO, but no mention of any ECC or such. The prices aren't great, but still 20% cheaper than DELL (or gigabuys, i guess). At least this way, i'd feel confident in buying something and then telling the company to f*ck off if it didn't work in my system ... after all, they picked it for me.

Ok, i just opened my case ... i couldn't bear to trust the word of DELL ... i do have two 32mb simms installed. I can't get in close enough to read them and i don't feel like powering down to see what they say, however.

I've looked through some other 'upgrade' brands like viking, kingston, PNY ... and they all say about the same thing when given my model info. I definately have to get the EDO, still not sure about the fast page/ECC(error correction code?) thing, tho.

What does buying industry standard ram entail? Can you guys help me with the details i need to make that purchase and probably save another 30% off the 'packaged solution'?

I don't want to spend $300 to keep this beast going. But if dropping $100 to hit 96 or 128MB is going to make the next four months of CAD and burning easier, i'm not opposed to spending a little $$.

You are probably all laughing at me for trying to keep this computer alive. It runs autocad 2k just fine and i get my choice of laptops when i graduate in May ... let's see if this company still wants to hire me when i give them a $6k bill

Old 12-19-00, 03:28 AM
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the bad thing about buying this memory is that it is a 72 pin simm and new memory are dimm units that are not compatible. so you will not be able to use this memory in your next system. you might try buying this memory used to save some money. look in your area for computer shops that sell refurb computers and they may be able to do better on the memory. if you can i might try to save for a new system and make do with the memory you have so as to not spend money needlessly.
maybe someone can be of more help-
good luck

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Old 12-19-00, 03:30 AM
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You can only go either ECC or no ECC. If you mix them, you have to set no ECC, which is a waste of money for the ECC. Edo ram isn't cheap anymore. Personally, I think the best thing for you to do is go on ebay or something and find a new mobo and keep most of your things and sell (or toss out) that ram. Then go get some sdram (which is dirt cheap now). You should be able to easily do this for under $200. If you want to upgrade your current setup, it's going to be more expensive. The slots that require to be installed in pairs need to have two sticks of equal ram.

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