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Joxer 02-14-09 12:09 AM

So many problems... need some assistance
Ok, well I have several viruses on my computer that I have been battling for about two weeks. My computer blue screens when i try to boot into Safe Mode so I have been trying to do all of my scans in normal mode.

Well, today I did a scan while I was at work and when i got home I had to reboot (due to my Winsock keeps getting corrupted and I have to do a repair/reboot in order to get the internet working again). However, After I selected my profile my computer would bluescreen with stop code of 0x00000050. I tried a few times and got this every time. So I loaded up my windows CD and did a Repair and ran Chkdsk /p on both of my drives. After that I was able to atleast get windows to load, but shortly after my icons load I see what looks like 3 "DOS" windows open and run CMD.exe, Command.exe, and 1 other program that I can't catch the name of, then my computer blue screens again with the same stop code.

After a few attempts I discovered I was able to load windows in Directory Service Restore Mode, which I was pleased to find out was a form of Safe Mode. I am now doing my scans within this mode, however one of them does actually yeild the same blue screen that booting up does...... Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this? I REALLY don't want to format/reinstall and would like to resolve this without doing that.

danwiz 02-14-09 02:09 AM

Re: So many problems... need some assistance
Seems like formatting and reinstalling everything from scratch might be the only (& best) alternative at this point. If you've been battling this thing for 2 weeks you could have had everything reinstalled by now. For the future I recommend that you use something like Acronis True Image. Create a bootable Media CD using the Acronis software, put the image file on an external drive and you won't have this problem. After I install new software or update software I always create a new Image after using it for a few days and knowing that I am happy with the software/update/whatever. I have used my Image file several times and it has MORE THAN PAID FOR ITSELF many times over. I figure at least a week of installing and tweaking (using all of my spare time) before I get things back to the way I want them, so the Acronis True Image is CHEAP at twice the price.

Dr Mabuse 02-14-09 02:57 AM

Re: So many problems... need some assistance


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