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Fok 11-02-08 10:01 PM

Question regarding new laptop
Hi Otters

So I went to Best Buy here in Canada and bought a new laptop. The sales guy tells me that I should pay them to:

1. Create a backup disk for $40 since if I need to reinstall the OS I don't have one right now.

2. Pay them to remove the factory software like Office 2007 (since I don't have a licence for it). He said even if I just uninstall the software it will still take up processing power and slow my machine down. It's embedded in laptop and only they can remove it.

Well I told him no to both and just bought the thing and went home. The questions I have is:

1. I bought the laptop and it comes with a licence key for Vista. So technically I've bought the software. Is there a way for me to get a legit copy of the CD for Vista in case I have to reformat my harddrive?

2. I'm assuming by unistalling software, it should get rid of it?


The Cow 11-02-08 10:16 PM

What brand is the laptop? You can request a CDs/DVD of everything that comes factory installed from some vendors (i know Dell does this).

CRyan 11-02-08 10:27 PM

Please dont let the Geek Squad open up your brand new computer and mess with it. I hate this practice of theirs. In fact, if you go into the Bestbuy to buy any particular PC, many times they have all already been opened up and tinkered with by Bestbuy. Eh. And they make you pay for their services that you are not asking for.

Most PC's that dont come with discs have a way of creating those discs right from the start menu. So thats certainly a waste of money.

Secondly, I can just about promise you they are going to do nothing more then go to add/remove programs to get rid of office for you.


Fok 11-02-08 10:31 PM

The laptop I got was Toshiba, I'm choose not to use geek squad, but I do want a copy of the OS.

Jay G. 11-03-08 12:07 AM

Be sure to read through the documentation that came with it. A Sony Vaio I recently bought at BB had an app included on it that burned the recovery discs I needed onto some DVDRs.

Note that "recovery discs" are not the same as an install DVD. The recovery discs will re-image the drive to how it originally was when you first opened the box.

You have to go through your OEM to get any discs for Vista, and some OEMs simply do not provide an install disc. The good news with Vista is that you can borrow almost anyone's Vista Install disc and us it for your re-install, provided you have a valid key. You can even use, say, a "Business" install disc to install the "Home Premium" version of Vista, as every install disc has every version of Vista on it, and you choose during install which one you want to install based on what key you have.

The "Office 2007 is embedded in laptop" sounds like pure B.S. I uninstalled an Office 2007 trial install with no problem. It is partially true that some programs' uninstall apps may not remove every trace of the software, but it's not going to be using up resources like processor time or memory, just maybe a little disc space and a few entries in the registry. If you want, you can use a third-party uninstaller app like Revo Uninstaller to try and remove any traces the standard uninstaller doesn't:

Nifty03 11-03-08 06:44 AM

Along with what everyone here has said, you might not want to go back to that Best Buy ever again. Office "embedded" in the laptop! If that were true then they wouldn't be able to remove it either. Jackasses.

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