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Dr Mabuse 08-23-08 01:23 PM

Youtube Tip
This may have already been posted but what the hell.

I like the Youtube.

A little tip if you do too.

Adding &fmt=18 or &fmt=6 to the end of some Youtube video URLs will give you access to the MP4 version of a video, which is a higher definition file than the normal Flash file. The MP4 stuff is for a deal with Apple to have files for the IPhone apprently. Some newer videos have "watch in high quality", which is the MP4 version, but some don't have "watch in high quality" and the URL trick gets you the MP4 file anyway.

There are times when adding one of those two makes a very noticeable difference in video and audio quality, as the MP4 source is higher definition and plays the audio in stereo in many cases.

jonnyquest 08-24-08 02:45 PM

Do you know what is "minumum" version of Flash compatible with YouTube?
YouTube will not play for me because of old version Flash (per automated error message).
My HW/OS cannot do latest Flash. YouTube support just gives me automated monkey reply to my query.

Groucho 08-24-08 02:54 PM

GHackmann 08-24-08 04:57 PM

Originally Posted by jonnyquest (Post 8893466)
Do you know what is "minumum" version of Flash compatible with YouTube?

Flash 7.0.

jonnyquest 08-24-08 07:10 PM

Thanks GHackmann !

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