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andy434343 08-22-08 01:58 PM

need major touch screen help!
OK, I know I could search for this and I have, but to find my exact needed answers I will just make a post and anyone willing to help will be greatly appreciated........I bought a NEC MultiSync LCD 1560V+ 15 " LCD Monitor Touch Screen on ebay and I am having problems getting the touch aspect to work.......It works perfectly fine a regular monitor.........I was told to go to this adress to download the divers for it : http://solutions.3m.com/wps/portal/3.../TouchDrivers/

.......... I am running windows xp home edition,
So I install the drivers, I was told to install the legacy drivers........but after I do that I am totally clueless........touchscreen does not just work like I would expect........I have it plugged right into my graphics card, is that a problem? When I try to run the program to set up the touch screen it asks me what port it is on (com1, com2, com3 etc).......but it gives no option for it being just pluuged into the apg graphic card......could this be my problem???? I am sorry, I need dummied down information from people who can help, hopefully step by step..... because this is much more difficult than I forsaw........anyone who can help will be greatly appreciated......thanks.......Andy

Jay G. 08-22-08 04:03 PM

Here's info for that monitor from NEC.


User Manual:


According to the brochure, the monitor is touch screen capable, meaning that a touch screen has to be added to it. I'm guessing the 3M drivers were for the touch screen. Is there another connector or cable that came with the monitor for the touch screen? It sounds like the touch screen requires a separate connector from the video cable, and plugs into a COM port on the PC.

jonw9 08-22-08 05:10 PM

Yeah, it sounds like your video card is the output from the PC, and the monitor needs to be connected to a PC input as well, to send the signals through.

andy434343 08-22-08 05:51 PM

ok, I bought it off ebay and it just came with the video cable and power cable........there is another input on the monitor that looks to be a com port........does this mean that I need to obtain one of those cables and hook it up at the same time while I have the video already running to the graphics card???? that seems to make sense, but I am working with something that I thought was as simple as pluging in and running the drivers.......THANK YOU for the responses so far, any feedback to what I just stated will be greatly appreciated.......thanks, Andy

CRyan 08-22-08 07:59 PM

The touchscreen aspect requires another connection. This is usually Serial or USB. Newer ones are most certainly USB.

Jay G. 08-22-08 09:36 PM

Originally Posted by andy434343 (Post 8890980)
ok, I bought it off ebay and it just came with the video cable and power cable........there is another input on the monitor that looks to be a com port.....

It probably is a COM port, does it look like the top picture on this page?

...does this mean that I need to obtain one of those cables and hook it up at the same time while I have the video already running to the graphics card????
Yes. The monitor basically is two devices in one, and needs two connectors. The first is the video display, which need to receive a video signal via the video connection. The second is the touch screen, which needs to send input data to the PC, hence the COM port. So you'll need two cables running between the PC and monitor.

Grab a serial cable like the ones here:

If you don't have a COM port on your PC (which is possible if it's fairly new), then you'll need a USB to COM adapter:

Once the COM is connected to the PC, you can run the touch screen program.

andy434343 08-23-08 12:05 AM

ok now I am worried that I may have gotten a a monitor with a bad serial port (or whatever it is called) it has 9 holes for pins but there are only pins in three of them........here is a picture of it............

<a href="http://s28.photobucket.com/albums/c231/andy4343/?action=viewĄt=DSC01214.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c231/andy4343/DSC01214.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

.....let me know what you think and thanks again for all the help

jonw9 08-23-08 08:50 AM

You could still be Ok. Your connection doesn't require all 9 pins.

A minimal "3-wire" RS-232 connection consisting only of transmit data, receive data, and ground, is commonly used when the full facilities of RS-232 are not required. Even a two-wire connection (data and ground) can be used if the data flow is one way (for example, a digital postal scale that periodically sends a weight reading, or a GPS receiver that periodically sends position, if no configuration via RS-232 is necessary). When only flow control is required in addition to two-way data, the RTS and CTS lines are added in a 5-wire version.

andy434343 08-23-08 09:09 AM

thats funny Jay G because I have used monoprice in the past and you save so much but I did not even think of it.........went to staples bought a db9 cable for 10 bucks, it had a male and a female side, went to radioshack to get a male to female adapter for 10 more dollars.........had to rip the small bolts out to make it all fit together so it would fitm now I can't return any of it and I could have just got the double female db9 cable for a 1.50 on mono...........

Also thanks for the replies dealing with my pins.......that made me feel alot better.........will work on it today and update with any sucess or likely failures...........Andy

Jay G. 08-23-08 09:11 AM

Originally Posted by jonw9 (Post 8891724)
You could still be Ok. Your connection doesn't require all 9 pins.

Yeah, we have serial connections at work that only use 3 pins. Your touch screen should still work.

andy434343 08-23-08 09:44 AM

ok some progress........installed Mt7 drivers and all installed well while tehe serial port was connected aswell.........the mouse pointer was moving on it own and the only way I could control the mouse pointer was if I put a finger on the monitor and then it stabilized, then I could use the mouse.......>BUT then it all just stopped and started acting like a regular monitor again............

andy434343 08-23-08 09:56 AM

ok scratch that last post here is where I stand..... MT7 installed......mouse pointer is fine.......when I touch the screen the pointer moves like it is getting pulled but not neccessarilly towards my finger but in a general direction........I try to run the calibration on the mt7 software and it is just a blank screen with no instructions..........I feel hope that I am almost there........any ideas????? Thanks again, Andy

andy434343 08-23-08 11:44 AM

on the startup page of the mt7 control panel, it knows that the controller id is portcom2, knows controller type is serial legacy, knows the firmware version is 0240 and it says the touch screen status is "ok".......... then I click calibrate and it is just a blank white screen with no directions on what to do..........to get out of this I have to cntrl alt delete and then close it down............

andy434343 08-23-08 02:53 PM

yet more information.......if I wait on the calibration screen it eventually starts up and asks me to touch the first target for a few seconds and then release.......so I did this with my finger and there was no response and the calibration ends.......I am feeling more and more that I may have a faulty monitor........even though I can move he pointer with my finger......Andy

Jay G. 08-24-08 06:24 PM

From the info you've provided, it doesn't sound like the screen itself is broken. It sounds more like either the driver or the software isn't working the way it should.

You say you're using the MicroTouch (MT 7) software, but in your first post you say the seller told you to download and use the "legacy driver," which on that 3M page is the TouchWare (TW) software.

I found this 3M page that suggests the MT7 driver and software might not work correctly for certain "legacy" hardware:

You may want to email the seller to see if he can provide clarification and help.

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