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DJ_Longfellow 08-05-08 08:01 PM

USB transfer speed slow with VISTA ULTIMATE
I have Vista Ultimate (32 Bit) with SP1 installed and my USB transfer speed is EXTERMELY slow. I was topping at at about 3.00MB/sec when I transferred about 300MB of data off a memory stick.

I have a powered USB 2.0 HUB attached to my PC and the memory card reader is also 2.0. Just seems odd that it is SO slow...any suggestions?

I also have a ASUS P5N-E SLI motherboard. The Bios is pretty old and I was going to flash it, but I am having troubles trying to do it.

DJ_Longfellow 08-06-08 06:54 AM

Well, I tried a lot of things last night...nothing worked.

I will try to flash the BIOS. I have an ASUS MOBO and the EX Flash utility was NOT working, so I have to use a floppy to do it. I had to get one from work.

This is frustrating...starting to regret my Vista "upgrade"

al_bundy 08-06-08 07:31 AM

what's the rated transfer speed of the memory stick? might have a USB2 interface but the read time of the technology might be slower.

DJ_Longfellow 08-06-08 08:13 AM

I've tried a few different USB devices.

I have a Sandisk MS Pro Duo. I also tried a flash drive that is generally fast. I use it at work and on XP it worked fine. This is a VISTA specific issue.

I'm not sure if I should flash my BIOS, would that even help with USB? I have 0401 and the latest is 1101 (although, after reading, people seem to say 0608 is the best).

I even tried to unplug my USB hub and plug in my memory card reader and my flash drive direct...still SLOW.

CRyan 08-06-08 08:57 AM

I would say its a Vista and old hardware specific issue. Certainly, a BIOS update would not hurt if you can get it to load. I recently reinstalled XP on an older ABIT mobo and USB speed was slower than hell. It took me going through several different drivers for the USB speed to be where it was before the reinstall.

Are you using the chipset specific drivers from the mobo manufacturer? That is what it took for my USB ports to get to 2.0 speeds.

Last thing. When you plug in these USB devices, is Vista popping up with a note stating that you are plugging a USB 2.0 device into a USB 1.0 port? It should if Vista is not seeing your USB chipset as 2.0.

DJ_Longfellow 08-06-08 09:02 AM

I will have to double check the Vista Message. I've never seen it say USB 1.0 anywhere though.

I'm using the nVidia 650i SLI Chipset drivers that the MOBO supports.

I know I can get it flash with a floppy disc, I just was hesitant to flash the BIOS as some say it is risky.

fumanstan 08-06-08 10:34 AM

Do you have Service Pack 1 installed for Vista? I know there were some major oddities with file transfer speeds.

CRyan 08-06-08 10:56 AM

My wording may be off - It says something about USB speed though when plugging a USB 2.0 device into a 1.1 port.

And certainly flashing the BIOS can always be risky. Make sure you have the right BIOS and pray you dont have a power outage if your not on a backup.

DJ_Longfellow 08-06-08 01:44 PM

Yes, SP1 is installed.

I know ASUS has a few flashing options. There is a Windows utility that a guy at work swears by. I read mixed reviews about that. The EZ Flash 2 does NOT work for my system....known bug with some ASUS boards. There is also the AWDFLASH.exe

Does anyone think that flashing the BIOS would even help with the USB transfer or am I looking in the wrong place? This all started happening with VISTA. I know my hardware is good.

I could possibly delete them USB drivers in DEVICE MANAGER, but I'm not sure which ones to remove.

CRyan 08-06-08 01:56 PM

There should be two USB drivers that are named after the chipset (nVidia 650i SLI) under system devices. Remove those two and reinstall and see what you get. Yes, a new BIOS could possibly allow vista to see it as a 2.0 device (but it is a long shot porbably). You could even do this - reboot and see if Vista will find drivers for it - Who knows - might work.

Of course, if you have a spare PCI slot, this could be a whole lot easier by spending $10 and getting a USB add-on card. Might even allow you to drop the hub.

DJ_Longfellow 08-06-08 08:14 PM

Well, I flashed my BIOS and now I have nothing but trouble. I first used the Windows utility and it worked fine. The latest 1101 BIOS took. HOWEVER, Vista just randomly locked up about 10 minutes later. So, I trid 0901....same results, works then locks up. Then 0803...same issue. Now, I'm down to 0608.....typing this as I try.

I did create a backup of my orignal BIOS, but now that VISTA is freezing, I'm not sure what to do. I'm frustrated.

I really do NOT want to re-install VISTA as it is a PITA to re-install all the software that I have on it now.

0608 also froze Vista. Now I am back to 0401 which was a copy of my original BIOS. If this freezes my computer then I know there is an issue with Vista. If that is the case, I may just go back to XP (which will really suck to re-install all my software.....GRRRRRRR).

Damn USB issues causing massive headaches as I took the wrong turn apparently with the BIOS.

CRyan 08-06-08 09:11 PM

Well I hope your original BIOS is now working. Let me suggest getting a PCI card and calling it a day if you get it working with the original BIOS.

DJ_Longfellow 10-22-08 07:52 AM

Never really resolved...but I think it may have to do with my FRONT USB ports. I had issues with my portable HDD not even being able to be seen when I plugged it into my front USB ports. I used the REAR USB ports and it worked fine. So, I would try the rear to see if you get the same transfer speed.

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