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Barney1234 08-02-08 08:13 AM

New web site I found...Free antimalware software, today only

They have A Squared anti malware today, not bad, I've used it in the past with a 30 day trial, this one is for a year!!!

Jay G. 08-02-08 09:01 PM

I've known about this site for a few months now. It's exclusively Windows programs and games as far as I've seen. Vista support for many of these programs is also sometimes a bit spotty, although most of the issues that arise are because of Vista's UAC.

The installer file you download actually checks back to the giveaway.com site to confirm the date before you're allowed to activate/install the software, so don't think you can download this program today and install it tomorrow, because you won't be able to.

Due to the "time-locked" nature of the install program, this means that if you later get a new PC or have to re-install Windows you lose the program.

Also, the anti-virus program given away today includes a free year of updates, but most of the programs will run indefinitely once installed on your PC. However, you typically don't get free updates to newer versions of a program, so if you download, say, version 2.3.4 of a program, that's the version you'll be using unless you decide to pay for an upgrade later on.

Fortunately, the site often re-runs its giveaways, with certain programs re-appearing months later as a giveaway again, sometimes as a newer version.

The site also has a game giveaway version called game.giveawayoftheday.com, although that's a bit of a misnomer, since the game giveaways are only on Sat and Sun, and not every day like its parent site.

The site is used by software publishers to promote their products, and as such it offers mostly largely unknown companies offering their wares. For example, the site recently had a rash of offerings of different versions of video converters, all offering a slightly different take on the theme. The prices some of these software developers claim for their "pay" versions of their software can sometimes be outlandish too.

I can't say I've seen a really "killer" app on that site, although some of the more specialized works may prove beneficial to the people they're targeted to. I do check it daily though, if just to read the comments and read the inevitable suggestions for "always free" freeware that people can download in lieu of that day's offering.

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