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dvdsteve2000 07-31-08 08:12 AM

Full screen video lagging
I have a dual core 2.2 AMD, NVidia 6100 VC, running XPMedia.

Recently I purchased a new hard drive (Seagate 500GB SATA), so there's no crap on my PC (fresh install), but every time I try to watch a video on Youtube, comcast, zero punctuation, etc... I get lag. The video is completely buffered. I never had this problem before...well, I was having it on my old drive before I bought the new one, but again, it's a fresh install. Is there a setting that I should adjust or something? Any help?



CRyan 07-31-08 09:06 AM

I assume you have installed the latest drivers for the video card and the system chipset. Really need to make sure windows does not have default drivers installed for the chipset.

CRyan 07-31-08 09:36 AM

Also, I guess the next question would be does this do the same thing with locally stored videos?

dvdsteve2000 07-31-08 09:39 AM

OK, I did a vc driver update and youtube seems to run fine, thanks. How do I tell if Windows has default drivers installed for my chipset?

CRyan 07-31-08 12:25 PM

Usually listed under system devices in Device Manager. However, If I were you, I would just go to your motherboards website and get the latest drivers they have listed for your chipset. If it is storebought, then go to the manufacturers website for your model. One thing you may have done is allowed Windows Update to install new hardware drivers. Usually, you should not allow Windows to do this unless it is for something simple like a NIC or USB host driver. You should only allow Windows to update itself - Go to the hardware manufacturers website for hardware.

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