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CertifiedTHX 05-11-08 06:13 AM

Join VOB files without creating seams?
Okay, here's my problem. I take a DVD-RW made in a DVD recorder and rip it to the hard drive. For every broadcast that uses more than 1 GB, multiple VOB files exist. (For those who don't know, VOB size is limited to 1 GB, which is why you get file names like VTS_01_1.VOB, VTS_01_2.VOB, etc.)

So, I want to combine those VOB files, do a little editing, and save as a new MPG. I load each one into Womble's MPEG Video Wizard and put them into proper sequence in the timeline. Then I play them back. And that's where my problem shows itself.

When I come to the point at which the two VOB files have been joined, there's a noticeable jump in the picture. Looks like a few frames are missing. When I export to a new MPG and play it back in PowerDVD, I get the same effect.

All the information must be there, contained in those two VOB files. DVD players are able to move from one VOB to the next seamlessly. Yet when I work with them separately, I don't seem to have every frame. How can I join VOB files into one seamless MPG?

Many thanks.


cloggedmind 05-11-08 08:42 AM

You need a program like DVDDecrypter-- rather than rip the files from the disc (file mode), you'd set it to rip the program content (IFO mode) without splitting the files in the first place.

Once the VOB's are split, you'll never get them back together seamlessly b/c of extraneous header information embedded at the start of each file.

CertifiedTHX 05-13-08 04:10 AM

cloggedmind: Thank you, thank you. This makes the function of IFO mode a little clearer to me now. And it solves my problem perfectly. Haven't been able to try it yet (not enough space for a DVD rip at the moment), but quite look forward to doing so.

Thanks again. The information is much appreciated.


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