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nothingfails 04-06-08 09:18 PM

I'm having a burner problem, HELP!!!!
my DVD burner is having a lot of trouble burning data DVD+R's. I am trying to be in the presence of backing my CD collection up on DVD+R's to save space (as I have over 1000 cd's), since my CD-ROM collection, which I originally backed them on, has become disorganized and all over the place. However, using Nero, I am having a 9/1 failure ratio. Most of the time, the DVD finishes successfully, but when I transfer the files onto my other computer to make sure it's working, I keep getting "cyclic redundancy errors". How do I go about avoiding getting these errors? I know blank DVD's are so much cheaper than they used to be, but still, I don't buy a 50 pack so I'll have 40 coasters.

Can someone help me? I am totally at wits end I have heard about External Hard Drives, but hearing the crash ratio on those and the fact I'm currently on a budget, I don't forsee getting one anytime soon. Can someone help me stop having dud discs?

The Cow 04-06-08 09:31 PM

What brand did you buy?

And perhaps the reader on your other PC is not so good?

al_bundy 04-06-08 09:34 PM

copy the data over a network connection

which brand of DVD's do you have and what are the dvd drives in each PC?

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