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New computer talk: desktop pentiums

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New computer talk: desktop pentiums

The last time i researched computers was my last desktop p4 2.8 ghz 478 socket...

the vid card crapped out on me and I went to buy a new one. when I went to go install it, the agp slot is totally different.

So by seeing that, it made me want to build a new computer. What are the rankings in speeds/processing power now a days? athlon came up... but now I see duo core, pentium d and so forth... what's happening now a days?

I want to stay windows xp. I need something for photoshop cs2, HD movies, etc...

is there a new version of the agp slot? the one i bought had no gaps where as the old one (9700 radeon pro) had 2 gaps where you plug into the slot.

What about HDD's ? I vaguely remember serial ata stuff... my comp uses just normal ata 133 by maxtor. Will new mobo's accept ata133? or will i have to go 2 hdd's connected to each other????


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I think PCI express is the most common type of video card now. Between 2004 and 2007, AGP was replaced by PCI Express. I have a Dell Dimension 8400 from 2004 and it was PCI express.
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Yup, AGP has been replaced by PCI-Express.

As far as CPU's go, Intel's Core 2 line is the main thing you'll see, and they come in various flavors, with Core 2 Duo (dual core), Core 2 Quads (quad cores), and Extreme versions that are the high end ultra expensive versions. The AMD brands include the Athlon 64x2 for Dual Core and their new Phenom's that are Quad Cores. The Pentium D's are the older dual core Intel chip, which was pretty much two Pentium 4's stuck together. It was pretty crappy.

Hard Drives are now mostly SATA. Most motherboards will still have a single IDE channel, although if you have both a hard drive and CD/DVD drive, it'll make it hard to connect both.
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Originally Posted by Mole177
The last time i researched computers was my last desktop p4 2.8 ghz 478 socket...
Put that thing in a museum

How about giving a price range?

Here would be some ideas for core components if I were to put together a decent performing but still value minded system




2GB ram (buy the 4gb version if you want 4)

500GB hard drive

budget video

slightly higher end video (and you can go more if you need it, 8800 GT)

Pick a case to put it all in, turn the power button and pray it doesn't tear a worm hole in time back to those scary socket 478 days
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