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Easy 01-25-08 09:30 AM

Optimum connection for games?
What type connection is better for games, cable or DSL? What speed is necessary? Upload or download more important? Is there a difference between latency and lag?I currently have cable (3 Meg down/up unknown) and seem to have a lot of issues; mainly involuntary disconnects and lag. The game (COD4) has a killcam and what is see replayed when my character is killed is not what just happened. From the opponents perspective (killcam) I may be shooting in a different direction or just standing there like a dork while he guns me down. The problem is this; from my perspective, I know I was shooting back. I'm fairly certain this is lag and wonder if there is a cure?

TGM 01-25-08 09:51 AM

I have verizon fios, with my PS3 hooked up wirelessly through my router with a pair of these:

http://www.popgadget.net/images/logitechwireless.jpg and it works great.

Mopower 01-25-08 11:14 AM

I have 1.5mb up 512kbps down DSL. I experience no lag PC gaming and 90% of the time no lag on Xbox Live. Unless its an issue all the other players are having at that time.

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