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Could PS3 have fouled up my wireless network?

Old 01-10-08, 03:16 PM
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Could PS3 have fouled up my wireless network?

I've had a Lincsys Wireless-G Broadband router (WRT54GS) for a few months now for my home. Not needed to do anything big. The only computers I have are a desktop and laptop. I just wanted to be able to use the laptop anywhere in the house and be connected. From the time I opened it, everything worked fine and easy. I plugged the cable from my roadrunner service into the router, have a cable going out to my desktop, and everything worked from day 1 ...

... until 2 days ago. I guess it could be a coincidence, but everything stopped working the moment I got a PS3 and had it detect my home's wireless network to update itself. That worked, but now my computers can't get connected anymore. My internet is fine - running the cable directly into a computer works. But going through the router gives me nothing. I tried basic things (like resetting) to no avail.

To be honest, I'm a bit of a technical noob when it comes to the hairy details of internet connections (especially networks - I've always had a tech guy at work to deal with that, and this is the first time I've had more than 2 things at home). I guess it could be a general failure, but the timing with the PS3 leads me to suspect that that's the cause ... could something have been changed in the router from that?

I haven't been finding the troubleshooting suggestions from web searches very helpful. Either they don't fix the problem, or they're so jargon heavy I can't get to what it's trying to suggest. Any advice some of you guys have would be appreciated!
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I had the same problem. I think if you disable UPnP it works. After you disable it, reboot all devices (or power on the ones that are off).
The other fix is to flash 3rd party firmware.
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I have the exact same router and also have a PS3. I had a major problem with the PS3 and my wireless connection: I would get disconnected from the PS3 network and I would have to constantly sign in again.

I updated my router's firmware (not to a 3rd party as suggested, just to the most current Linksys version) and all the problems disappeared.

Give that a try first.
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Really, It is a good idea to always keep UPnP off at all times. I hear it is a real security hole.
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Originally Posted by Nifty03
Really, It is a good idea to always keep UPnP off at all times. I hear it is a real security hole.
UPnP's security "problem" is that any machine on your network can ask your router to open/forward any port to any other machine on your network. An attacker would need to do one of two things to exploit this: they could add a device to your network without you finding out, or they could convince you to run a trojan horse on your own machine. And if either of those have happened, you're got bigger problems anyway.
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Old 01-14-08, 06:20 AM
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Back when I first got my 360, PS3 and Wii all hooked up my home network went completely ape shit. The Wii was wireless and the PS3 and 360 were both wired. Took my days to fake a solution that would work since I had no idea what the hell happened. I have since gotten rid of the PS3 and recently I just went ahead and got the LAN adapter for the Wii. I've had no connection issues with any of the systems for ages. I might get a PS3 again down the road if the format war comes to a end but I dread hooking it up in any fashion because I really don't need the hassle from what will basically be a Blu-Ray player that I game on occasionally.
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BTW, I got the problem taken care of. Thanks for all the replies. Updated the firmware, and disabled UPnP. That was a little tricky, since Lincsys's software requires an internet connection and the router to be connected - but since that wasn't working I was stuck in a Catch 22. With a little internet research I found out the IP address of the router I could type into explorer to access the controls, and do those changes. Then I could run Lincsys's set-up program to get my network into shape.

Haven't tried going online with the PS3 again, though.
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