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ElementZ 01-07-08 05:10 PM

Unmountable Boot Volume
So I turned on my pc, got to the desktop and everything was fine, except I could not open up a folder or IE. I could open up winamp or jpegs. I reboot and and got the above error message along with a bunch of other jargon. Dosen't matter if I go into Safe Mode, or any other way this message will come up. Doing a quick search online, one of the solutions is to put the Winxp cd and hit R for repair once the Windows screen pops p...however I don't have the xp cd but I might be able to borrow one.

My question is, this message comes up immediately before the Windows screen comes up so how am I supposed to repair it.

Any other suggestions. I never installed anything recently. It is time for a new pc but I just want to be able to get back to my desktop and back up some files

PixyJunket 01-08-08 11:50 AM

Originally Posted by ElementZ
My question is, this message comes up immediately before the Windows screen comes up so how am I supposed to repair it.

With the XP CD in the drive it'll boot to the CD where you can enter the Recovery Console. There's a lot of toys in there to try to fix problems like this. I would run CHKDSK first and if the drive is okay you'd probably want to try a system restore from a week before the problem hit.

ElementZ 01-08-08 06:42 PM

So that isn't working. It dosent give me an option to run it from cd. The options are

Safe Mode
Safe Mode with Networking
Safe Mode with command prompt

Start windows from last known good start

Start windows normally.,

No matter which I choose, it will goto the blue screen. The black windows screen comes up for maybe 1 second and hitting R does nothing. It's not the blue welcome to windows screen either. Anything else??

4KRG 01-08-08 06:52 PM

Here is the official word


The question is, WHAT corrupted the file system? Could be a simple windows screw up which means the repair process will work if you can find the CD or it could be a hard drive going bad.

If the hard drive is not shot, you can always put it in as a slave in a new computer or in a USB enclosure to try and get data off. Continuing to mess with the drive *MIGHT* be a bad idea at this point, hard to say from here :)

ElementZ 01-08-08 07:14 PM

Ok, got it up and running. I had to go in the BIOS and allow it to boot up from the cd and did chkdsk and fixboot. Got back to my desktop...now back to the root problem. I am back on my desktop and still cannot open IE or a folder. The light is continuosly flashing like something is loading, probably a virus or some other shit.

So, any recommendations on cheap virus software that I can buy too see if that clears up the problem.

4KRG 01-08-08 07:37 PM

Kaspersky SOS would be a good place to start


you will need to download it and get it to that machine

twikoff 01-08-08 08:43 PM

start backing up your important data now

then go ahead and try your anti virus and adaware/hijackthis!

then once you finish both of those.. do as 4krg said and run a thorough chkdsk on your drive.. root cause of these problems are hardware more often then software..
you want to be proactive on finding harddrive issues, because it sucks to find the issue the hard way.

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