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namja 11-15-07 12:46 PM

M-JPEG vs. MPEG-4 vs. something else
I have a 30 second clip of a 640x480 video file at 15 fps, and it is ~15 MB. How much more efficient is MPEG-4? Is there some other compression that's more efficient?

Can the video file (640x480, 15 fps, 30 sec) be around 1 MB? Is there a website that shows the different video formats and filesizes?

Superman07 11-15-07 01:16 PM


Ranger 11-15-07 02:18 PM

what about sound? 30 seconds is pretty short but 1 MB might be pushing it. I would go with DIVX or XVID and mp3 for audio. Just play with the compression/quantizer rates to check what works.

namja 11-16-07 05:35 PM

Originally Posted by namja
Is there a website that shows the different video formats and filesizes?

Thanks for the responses. Actually, this is what I'm most interested in.

wmansir 11-16-07 07:01 PM

Some formats compress better than others, but you can't really say that X format will give you Y file size. More like you could say for given input I and format F you can achieve quality Q at file size S. And I can be divided into sub factors of the frame rate, frame size and picture content, and Q is very subjective.

For a short clip like this I would just say try it and see. Try downloading ffmpeg or mencoder. They are small commandline encoders that can input/output just about anything, so you don't have to install a bunch of software to see what works.

30 seconds to 1MB will be tough with any codec. That's only about 300kbps, including audio. With the right content it could be doable. h.264 aka MPEG-4 AVC is generally the most efficient, but if you plan on sharing the clip with the general public Xvid or Divx are more compatible.

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