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Mopower 10-25-07 05:39 PM

Question about date and time.
My work computer gets it's time from our central server which for some reason is 10 min fast. Can I change it so my computer gets it's time info from another source? One that is correct? I don't have access to our server. I have changed the time on my computer but after restart it's slow again. Anyway to change this permanently?

4KRG 10-25-07 05:48 PM

Maybe, depends on the policy that is set. You might also run into firewall issues

It would be more smarter to just ask the server admin to corect the time on the sever. That will correct everyone's time. Whomever set up the server should be syncing to something like NIST anyway


Mopower 10-25-07 05:53 PM

Ok, thanks.

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