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Jeeden 10-19-07 01:02 PM

MSN Messenger question
So I'm at a company that has office communicator (MSN Messenger for the office). They HAVE NOT opened up the ports to allow Office Communicator to connect to the standard MSN service, etc. Therefore I have been using meebo/koolim, etc.

Now today, I'm sitting here surfing the web on Internet Explorer 7(not running meebo/koolim or others at the time) and all of the sudden I get a pop up that one of my contacts is online near my system tray...just like I would get if I was running the MSN messenger client.

How can this be? I was thinking perhaps Outlook connected somehow, but I don't even have that contact in my outlook contacts. I am wondering if IE 7 has something to do with it, but I can't find any place on IE7 that would show me contacts, etc.

Very weird, but it gives me hope! Anyone know what is going on?

McHawkson 10-19-07 01:59 PM

Umm... interesting. I believe that it's from Outlook... it somehow managed to get your contacts off from meebo/koolim.

Do you use Outlook to check emails?

Jeeden 10-19-07 02:08 PM

Yea, I use outlook for work email. Not sure how it could be connecting to the server though for messenger since it's blocked.

Jeeden 10-22-07 10:22 AM

It happened again this morning and I was quick enough to click on the box over the system tray. It opened up a chat window in WINDOWS messenger to my friend. I typed a message, but it said it couldn't be delivered.

It must be windows messenger running in outlook. The contact status must use a different port or protocol to update the messenger list than to send text.

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