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Chew 10-08-07 07:31 PM

Need some help: Web pages don't "stay in place"
I recently replaced the hard drive (and therefore, reinstalled XP) on the computer of my aunt's friend.

She's still on dial-up and uses AOL. When I returned the computer, the AOL install disc couldn't be found so I heard about the following issue over the phone later.

Apparently, when she browses, the browser (does AOL have it's own?) just scrolls down to the bottom of the page by itself. She'll be reading a news article: it scrolls down, she returns to where she was and it scrolls down again.

I have never heard of this and certainly have no idea how to fix it. Any ideas?

stevevt 10-08-07 08:20 PM

I would not be surprised at all if something was holding her space bar, down arrow, or some other key down on her keyboard. Round up all the cats, etc.

TheBigDave 10-08-07 08:34 PM

AOL has it's own browser that's a variation of Internet Explorer.


I've had a similar problem in the past. The screen would scroll up and down. It turns out the problem was with the scroll wheel on my mouse. It had gotten stuck between rotations. Try fooling around with the mouse, or swapping it with another one.

Chew 10-09-07 07:50 AM

^ That's something I was thinking as well. I'll give that a shot, thanks.

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