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0rac 10-06-07 12:08 AM

Can't Hear Audio During Capture: NO HELP?
Maybe someone can help. My sister had a Dazzle, kind of an older one. I used it for about 5 months. I used Studio 8 and Movie Maker. Now, I got my own Dazzle (different model) and having problem with hear audio as it captures. I didn't have this problem with hers. I have tried it over Movie Makers, Studio 8 and 10, and mostly on Ulead Video Studio. When I capture the video, it will play back with the sound. The problem is, I can't hear audio AS it captures.
Can anyone help?

0rac 10-12-07 08:50 PM

no help?

dvd182 10-12-07 10:16 PM

Right click on the sound icon in the lower right of the screen and select "open volume control." See if the Input Monitor sound level is all the way off or muted, turn it up if so.

If Input Monitor isn't listed there, enable it on by going into the Options menu in Volume Control.

I'm not positive this is the fix, but it's something to start with.

0rac 10-12-07 10:35 PM

thanks, I dont have Input Monitor listed and not even under Options. I did make it list everything I could and everything is all up and set to non-mute. The only thing listed I can't change is Digtail Out, it will not let me movie the bar.

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