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movieking 09-28-07 08:25 AM

Question About Making A Vista Backup
Someone here has a new computer with Vista Home Premium on it. Since nothing ever comes with the OS disk anymore, they were told at the store to back it up themselves. I haven't used Vista before, but when I had a quick look, I couldn't see any Recovery Tools or Backup To Disk options like I have in XP. I see that I can make a backup image with Acer eRecovery Management though, so I am assuming that will do the job. It will also backup everything on the machine though. I think that it is an Acer Aspire 5610.

Is there a way just to backup Vista itself, and not everything that is on the computer? And if I do a backup image, will this include the OS?

McHawkson 09-28-07 10:10 AM

When I bought Dell Inspiron 6000, they didn't send me the OS CD. According to the manual that I can "burn" the OS system off from my laptop - so, I did. When I had to do clean re-install the XP on my laptop with the CD I burned and it behaved like regular OS CD.

I don't know if it's similar as your new computer.

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