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Aeschylus 07-12-07 04:34 PM

Internet speed - bits or bytes?
I asked Comcast and they said bits, but I'm still confused. I had an old 8yr old modem Motorola PCX2200 downloading at 500-600KB/s. Got a new one last night, a Linksys BEFCMU10 ver 4 with updated DOCSIS standards and now I'm downloading at slower speeds - in the 150-200KB/s range. But if I do a power-cycle on the Linksys modem and start downloading a file, it starts at 3500KB/s but immediately drops down to 150-200KB/s.

So was the 500-600KB/s d/l rates normal? And if so, I guess I should just keep my old crap modem ha

Ranger 07-12-07 04:55 PM

Could just be different times of the day.

Try this express dual speed test here.

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