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brtcmfn 03-02-07 08:03 AM

30 day trial with Vonage is almost up
I have another 2 weeks left with Vonage-
The Pro's:
Reliability seems to be good
Compatible with phone connections for Dish Network

The con's:
Need to get to tier 2 in order for someone that is from America and knows what they are talking about and not reading a script.
Do not offer key features: Anonymous call rejection, etc..

What companies does everyone else have (Surocket, Voipforyou, etc...
Why do you like them or dislike them and if you had Vonage why did you switch?

Thanks in advance :)

DVDsAreMyLIFE 03-02-07 11:51 AM

Had Vonage but switched to Time Warner when they had their 3 deal, roadrunner, digital cable and digital phone all together. Can't complain really, havent' had a problem with it yet.

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