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Old 02-21-07, 01:58 PM   #1
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Why are multiple pages printed all of a sudden printed on one page?

About two or three days ago whenever I print anything with multiple pages it print every page on a single page. Like it's taking all the data and overlapping everything.

I haven't changed anything. It's set to spool and print immediately. I've tried everything I can think of and it doesn't work. My printer is hooked via LPT parallel. The weird thing is I have a network printer also in my office and if I print over the network it does fine. The only problem is I print large volumes and my lpt is much faster than the network printer. Also if I change it from spooling to print directly to printer it'll print fine? But that causes problems in itself.

Any ideas?
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Old 02-21-07, 04:21 PM   #2
Join Date: Mar 2002
Posts: 232
We've seen this at work, and it was a driver issue. We would change drivers, and it would work fine. What I can't remember is whether we had to go from using a generic HP Laserjet 4 driver to the specific printer's driver, or vice-versa (some of our workstations had to use laserjet 4 drivers for other model printer, for quirky applications)

I would suggest upgrading to the latest version of that model's driver first, and see if that corrects it.

As for why it would all of sudden start doing this, I have no idea (never figured out why at work, either)
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Old 02-21-07, 05:13 PM   #3
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: BV VA
Posts: 6,032
I tried a new driver today. No dice. I'll mess with it further tomorrow. Scour HPs site for similar issues.
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Old 02-21-07, 06:54 PM   #4
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right click the printer in printers and faxes and select properties
then look around all the tabs (it differs by make model and even specific driver, so two HP LJ5 drivers might have different options)

or it's the application itself
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Old 02-26-07, 07:03 PM   #5
DVD Talk Limited Edition
Join Date: Jun 2000
Location: BV VA
Posts: 6,032
Found on HP's forums that a windows update caused this mess. There is a workaround by unchecking 'enable advanced printing' box.
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