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mikehunt 02-09-07 07:39 PM

PC based DVR. Either of these a good enough base setup?
I'll be adding a hardware based tv tuner/capture card, likely PCI so most of the processing will be done on that card
I'm leaning more towards the Dell sicne that's a better processor and to bump the hp up to the same memory and hd and a normal P4 makes it cost a touch more
although I've been wanting an all in one printer and the hp has a rebate (mail in :() that makes a printer free



X 02-09-07 07:50 PM

I've used cards without hardware compression on an 800 MHz PIII with no problems.

mikehunt 02-10-07 01:11 PM

even HD?
I'm leaning towards a card that will do HD too so I can get free over the air HD
the one haupauge usb HD one I saw took a ton of cpu power from all the reviews I saw

X 02-10-07 02:43 PM

Not HD.

Blotto 02-11-07 09:25 AM

both would be fine with a hardware encoding hd card (myhd, etc) with a software based card the hp may not cut it. The dell however has nowhere near enough hard drive space for an hd-pvr. Think about adding another drive just for recording to.

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