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Shinobi 11-24-06 01:50 PM

Looking for input - bought a new digital camera, box not sealed
I bought a new Canon A530 digital camera today at K-Mart, since they were selling it for $128.99 today on Black Friday. I specifically asked to NOT get a display model, so the clerk checked under the counter, and said he had one more left in a box. So I bought it. But the actual box wasn't sealed. For some reason, this didn't dawn on me until I got home. Stupid me.

Should the box have been sealed? It didn't look damaged or anything, but when I buy something new, I really want it to be 100% new. I'm anal that way. :)

I haven't tested the camera yet. It looks ok, with no scratches on it or anything. But I really don't want to proceed to do anything yet if I might take it back.

I know I'm probably being overly picky here. Is it worth taking back and asking for a unit in a sealed box? And is K-Mart good for returns of this sort?

zuffy 11-24-06 02:05 PM

If you paid for a new camera, the seal should not be broken. If that is a Black Friday special, it ain't that special because Macmall sells it new for $132.95 + free shipping.

HN 11-24-06 02:20 PM

i have seen 3 canon camera boxes in the past (1 s400, 2 sd400) and none of them were sealed in plastic. you can go back to check the other boxes, i'm sure they won't mind showing you the other boxes so they don't have to do a return on the one you bought.

X 11-24-06 03:34 PM

I've bought several Canon cameras and the boxes were never sealed.

Psi 11-24-06 06:18 PM

Canon camera boxes are not sealed in plastic. But you should check that nothing is missing (especially the battery), and everything inside, except for the warranty card, is sealed or enclosed in plastic or foam wrap. It's usually easy to tell if things have been taken out and put back. I don't know anybody who can wrap things up as nice as the factory people :)

mbs 11-24-06 06:21 PM

Ditto what the others said, I bought a SD600 about two weeks ago and the box has no seal. And for that matter, neither do Fuji camera (at least the Fuji A600s are not sealed).

griz 11-24-06 08:20 PM

The only thing sealed on Canon's are the memory cards, if I remember correctly...probably the manuals, too.

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