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TexasGuy 09-04-06 04:29 AM

Mixing widescreen with normal monitors in multi setup?
I currently have dual 19" monitors, and was thinking of adding a widescreen monitor as the primary to set between them on my desk. Would this create a problem with resolution? Currently, my two monitors are identical (both Viewsonic VP 930b running in a native resolution of 1280x1024), so resolution is the same between them and there is no issue. The new monitor would likely have a resolution of 1920x1200.

Any problems I should be aware of?

jrobinson 09-04-06 05:48 AM

just make sure your video card can handle it.

DVDsAreMyLIFE 09-04-06 12:11 PM

Aslong as your video card can handle that resolution, then there will be no problems at all. Each monitor will have its sperate resolution, sort of indepenet from each other. Although if you try looking at the same item across both screens then it will look different.

TexasGuy 09-04-06 04:50 PM

Thanks, that's good news. It leads me to my second question: My current video card is a Radeon x1900XTX, Crossfire-ready, and I was planning to add a second x1900 card. Obviously, I could buy a Crossfire "master" card at this point, but the problem with the Crossfire configuration is that the Crossfire cable takes up one of the DVI slots in both cards, thus leaving me only two DVI slots for three monitors. Can I use a DVI "splitter" cable off one of the DVI connections, or would I be better off running the two cards independently, without Crossfire?

EDIT: My primary interest in this configuration is to run MS Flight Simulator across three screens. I don't have much interest in any other game.

Blake 09-04-06 08:01 PM

I'm not sure how Crossfire works, but you definitely should be able to use two different size monitors - the problem would be how games work across them. I would think you'd have to have the same size screens if you want to try and stretch a game across them.

TexasGuy 09-04-06 10:43 PM

I found a product called TripleHead2Go made by Matrox (the external hardware link in the picture below) that will work with Flight Simulator, and normal Windows viewing for that matter, across 3 monitors from a single DVI connection. Here is an image of it in action:


The downside is that the refresh rate on TripleHead2Go is terrible (75Hz max at 3072 x 768 resolution). As I understand it, Flight Simulator works very well with multiple monitors, but I'm unsure of the right hardware configuration that will allow a better resolution with a high refresh (85Hz+).

ravan 09-04-06 11:08 PM

you need a second videocard somehow. i dont think crossfire will work for you.
if you can put 2 videocards in, in non-crossfire mode, it maay.. i'd love to hear about it, considering a 3rd monitor myself.

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