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Old 08-21-06, 11:07 AM   #1
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Laptop help for my bedridden cousin in England.

Hello, all.

My cousin, a young man in Coventry, UK, has been spending a lot of time in a hospital bed lately as he gets several surgeries. He can't yet walk, and there's a lot of recovery time where he has nothing to do. As a result, he's really bored, and doesn't like spending time at the hospital because he can't use his computer to talk to people around the world and such.

So, a lot of us in his family are looking to get him a laptop. Something he can play his DVDs on and, more importantly, get web access on. I don't know does he have a phone at his hospital bed, nor would I assume they'd let him use it for a modem. I don't know does the hospital offer wi-fi - it's doubtful.

Any other ways that he could access the internet without plugging into a phone line? I've heard of mobile phones that can access the internet and that you can plug your laptop into. I'd love it if you could help me out here, I'm not too knowledgeable when it comes to the ins and outs of computers.
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Old 08-21-06, 11:09 AM   #2
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I believe Verizon has an internet everywhere service. It is a PCMCIA card, that slides int your laptop and you can pretty much get internet anywhere, ahtlough I havent used it so I am not sure the quaility of service. The montly price tag is also about $80 last time I checked. Depending on how long he is in the hospital it might not be a bad idea.
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Old 08-21-06, 11:18 AM   #3
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I think it would be a good idea to call the hospital and find out what they provide or know is available.
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Old 08-21-06, 09:12 PM   #4
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When my wife was in the hospital they had "loaner" laptops hooked via wi-fi into their network for Internet access. She was able to use one for a couple hours each day. They would not let our personal laptop access the wi-fi network.

Wi-fi is a definite possibility but as X said, call the hospital.

Also, is Verizon's service available in the UK?
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Old 08-22-06, 07:30 AM   #5
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Verizon would not have service in the UK. You would need to look for a GSM provider. If you are going to go the cell route then it would be best to get something from the UK. If you bought something here and used it in the UK the roaming charges could get very high.
Almost all laptops come with a wireless card built into them these days and the cell cards that were mentioned just go into a PCMCIA slot on the laptop.
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