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Goat3001 08-03-06 07:20 PM

Weird internet problem, possibly spyware related
I got hit with a bunch of spyware/malware recently thanks to an ill advised download. Everything seemed to be cleared up but now my problem is that certain programs that log onto the internet do not work. For example, Internet Explorer and AIM work just fine. Firefox, Yahoo Widgets, and Alltunes however can't log onto the internet. I'm pretty sure this is spyware related, anyone know what this could possibly be?

davidoflondon 08-04-06 09:51 AM

Its possible the spyware modified the settings in those programs to force them to access the internet through itself. Thereby ensuring it could monitor your activities.

Now with the spyware removed those programs can't talk to the internet because they "think" they need to do so through the spyware.

I'd check the setting on those programs and look through any registry entries for those. I'd suspect one or more is pointing at your, now removed, spyware.

If you can't find any settings deinstalling and reinstalling them might work or if the option exists by telling them to reset everything to its defaults.

Alternatively its always possible the spyware isn't full removed

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