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ChiTownAbs, Inc 06-13-06 09:06 PM

Why don't public hotspots allow VPN?
I know that the Boston and Chicago Public Libraries, and City of Chicago offer free wifi access, but neither allow me to VPN into my corporate network.

What damage could I do with my VPN that I can't do with a wide open wifi connection?

Ranger 06-13-06 09:27 PM

I'd guess that the VPN has an encrypted traffic which the library doesn't want since they want to be able to effectively monitor the net traffic.

DVD Polizei 06-13-06 09:44 PM

You could be a terrorist. Duhhh.

ChiTownAbs, Inc 06-14-06 02:22 AM

I can VPN from 'private' hotspots like the TMobile network or from Panera Bread.

Nevermind that the Panera and Library *could* be across the street from each other and I could be sitting in the library stealing the Panea's bandwidth.

X 06-14-06 10:49 AM

Do they explicitly say they disallow VPN and give any particular reason or do they just have the VPN ports closed along with ports for other services as well?

ChiTownAbs, Inc 06-14-06 11:41 AM

Well, I fire up my VPN software, plug in the password, and try to login.

X 06-14-06 12:27 PM

Then it's entirely possible they are not specifically blocking VPN but are instead blocking the ports that aren't needed for the type of network traffic normally associated with library browsing. I would expect you couldn't play online games that relied on non-standard ports either. That's a fairly normal thing to do.

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